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The ONLY scholarship for NLU students- Here’s everything you need to know!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Studying in National Law University is a costly affair. You end up spending anywhere between 8-12 lakh in 5 years on fee alone.

I get many questions around Scholarship for NLU students. So in this blog, I’ll throw some light on a special scholarship I know about!

Aditya Birla Scholarship for NLU Students

Aditya Birla Group provides this scholarship to students of 5 NLUs (IITs & IIMs too, but we’ll not talk about that right now). These five NLUs are- NLS, NALSAR, NLUJ, NUJS & GNLU.

How do they select students?

Top 20 students of your batch are eligible for this. What does it mean? So let’s say your CLAT rank was AIR 200 & you were among the top 20 students in your university batch in terms of CLAT rank, then you would be eligible for applying for this scholarship. So overall 100 law students would be selected from 5 NLUs for the first round.

These students would be assessed on the basis of their prior academic performance & essays they submit. By the end, 8 students would get to become Aditya Birla Scholars! Yes, it’s indeed a tough nut to crack!

What are the benefits?

The selected students would be given Rs.1,80,000 per year for payment of their college fee. So for all purpose, your 5 years of NLU fee would be sponsored without you paying anything. However I know many students whose scholarship have been cancelled too! Why? Because the foundation reviews the scholars performance every year.

So if after getting scholarship, the student doesn’t fulfill certain criteria such as 1) Being among the top 25% of class, 2) getting decent marks in assignments, Aditya Birla foundation would revoke their scholarships.

This means getting the scholarship is hard & sustaining is even harder!


Very less people know about this NLU Scholarship while taking CLAT. Now if you wish to get more info, go to this link. In case you need any more assistance, contact me!

Also, comment something down below. I like reading and responding to your comments on my YouTube channel and blog!

Have a great day!


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