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List of 10 Websites/Journals you should publish your Legal Articles on!

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

I published my first research article on Livelaw in 2020 and it was the happiest moment of 2020 for me. In the next 1 year I published articles on few other reputed places as well.

My article published on LiveLaw

As I mentioned in my video on Research articles, you should only publish in reputed journals/blogs, otherwise, recruiters, and law firms, won't give much weightage to them.

This is why, here is a list of few websites you should target in mind -

This is one of the most reputed blogs on Corporate Law in India. Mr. Umakanth Varottil is the founder of IndiaCorpLaw, I suggest looking at his CV.

He is a graduate of NLS, then he became a partner at the biggest law firm of India and then went switched his career trajectory to become an associate professor at National University of Singapore.

Let me tell you, once you go to this website, you would find it very difficult to understand the articles. But don't worry, start by reading the article you find most interesting and read only 1 article a day.

If you come across difficult legal terms such as Committee of Creditors, or Clean Slate Doctrine, just use ChatGPT to understand their meaning, and you are good to go!

Now let's talk about the second website!


This is also a similar blog as IndiaCorpLaw and its considered reputed among the people as you need to write a good quality article to publish here.

Indian Students and Lawyers regular visit this website and if you publish your articles here, it will give you good visibility.

4. Various NLU Blogs

Almost all the National Law Universities have their own blogs where you could publish your articles. Some blogs are highly reputed such as NALSAR Tech Law Forum, NLS Business Review Blog, NLIU Center for Business and Commercial Laws Blog and so on.

Try to publish in these blogs and in case your article doesn't go through, go for newer NLU blogs.

5. International Blogs

Finally we have the most premium blogs such as Oxford Business Law Blog, Wolters Kluwer Arbitration Blog, London School of Economics Blog, and so on.

I had a dream to publish one of my works here, but as I got job by the end of my 4th year, I didn't have any motivation remaining. So I focused more on my YouTube channel and on Freelancing. If I get time in the future, I will definitely try for Oxford Bsiness Law Blog.

Also, as a student if you get published there, I don't think any firm would deny you an internship.

How to Send your Legal Articles for Publishing

Submitting your article is easy. Just go to the 'submission guidelines' page of the website and send a mail on the mentioned email ID.

I have attached one of the mail I sent below -

Legal article publish

My email to NUJS International Law Blog

Do keep in mind they will take atleast 1 month to revert back. For example the article in the above mentioned mail took 4 months to finally get published.

What to do if I could NOT publish Anywhere?

I don't think it is that difficult to get published at any reputed place at all. If you read a lot and follow the suggestions I've given in my YouTube video on research article, you will get published somewhere good.

But in case it does not happen, then find some good topics related to corporate law or any area of your interest (corporate law which includes- SEBI regulations, Companies Act, IPR, Arbitration, Insolveny and Bankruptcy are more preferred because they are relevant for law firms), yeah, so find some good topics and get them published on websites such as iPleaders, Latest Laws, etc.

While they won't be reputed places to get published on, but they will provide good reach to your blog as these websites get many views daily.

But never ever 'PAY' to any journal or blog for publishing your articles. Remember this!


That's all from my side.

I have just one request, do comment down something so I know you are reading this post.

It takes 2-3 hours in writing one article and if it isn't read by anyone, it takes away the motivation.

All the best!

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You are doing a great job by providing such insightful content. Keep going.....keep growing



it really gave me a rough where i have to start as a first-year law student ... really helped a lot.thanks



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