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CV Format for Law Students - Use it while applying for Internships!

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

This is going to be a short article where I share the CV format we used in GNLU.

I have attached the Word file for the CV. Your college would have its own format too.

Till the time you don't get it from your college, you can use this one.

A few things you should take care of -

1. Just make sure you fill all the details and then convert the file to PDF from online software. 2. When you apply for Internships, don't send the word file in mail, it doesn't cast a good impression!

3. When you send a mail for an internship, write down a brief about yourself, why you want to intern in the law firm and so on. This plays a huge role in determining whether you will get the internship or not.

In my eBook, I have written a detailed chapter on 'How to Send Mails that get you Internships'. In this chapter, I share my own cover letter that helped me in getting internships at places such as Amazon, RegStreet Law Advisors, Vaish Associates and other law firms.

One of the Internship Confirmation

Also, below I have attached the CV format. Hope it helps.

CV Format
Download DOCX • 42KB


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