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How I got JOB in my 5th Year – How to Get PPO

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Towards the end of my 8th Semester of college, I did a 2 months long internship at Hindustan Zinc, a subsidiary of Vedanta Limited.

I was in Udaipur for two months (July 2021 and August 2021) and this was my office.

Thankfully by the end of the 1st month itself, on 29th July, 2021, I got a pre-placement offer or PPO from the company. A year later that means in year 2022 I finally joined the company as an in-house counsel. (I have uploaded a detailed video about it).

In this blog, we’ll talk about what a PPO mean and how you could get one by giving your best in internships!

What DOES PPO Mean?

In simple words, PPO means ‘the company you’re interning with, wants to hire you, before the official college placements takes place’.

The official placements are organized generally in August month and the day they are organized is called ‘Day Zero’.

But let’s say you interned at a law-firm in February month and the law firm decided to give you a job offer, then it will be said that you got a PPO. In such a case, you did not participate in the official college placement, rather, you get job through the internship itself.

In order to get a PPO from a company, you will have to get an internship there first. I have written a detailed chapter on 'How to get in-house internships at any MNC in India' in my eBook. I have also shared the story of my friend, who got 3 internships at Amazon, Tata Steel and Xiaomi using the methods I have described in my eBook.

I got an Internship at Amazon - Following the Methods I have mentioned in my eBook

This eBook was written after 5 months of hard work and I'm sure every page will teach you something new. You can check it out by clicking here.

The Benefits of Receiving PPO

You would not have to participate in placements

When you participate in college placements (Day zero), you have to read all the basics of subjects, prepare for the interviews, give multiple interviews and so on.

But if you receive a PPO, you would be relieved of all these things. Ask your seniors who are in 5th year and you’d get a better idea that how much anxiety goes away after receiving PPO.

You know the team you’d be working with (the most important)

Many companies visit the college in placement season, but the problem is-

  1. You DON’T know how the team would be like.

  2. Would they be good to work with?

  3. Would the office be good?

  4. Would they treat you good, and so on.

But when you receive PPO, you ALREADY know the team, the office, the kind of people you’d be working with after graduation.

How to Get a PPO in Internship?

I’ll make a detailed video about it soon. And when I do I’ll link it here.

But to explain here, if you wish to get PPO, perform really good in your internship.

What does it mean?

Dress Professionally

If you do this, it shows that you are taking the place seriously.

Always Submit the Work on Time

Neither before time, and definitely after the deadline. If you submit the work way before the required time, they would start expecting the same every time, and it would give you disappointment to you. (Remember this when you start working)

Listen to the Work Instructions VERY Clearly

Sometimes to impress our seniors, we start working as soon as we get the task.

Even I did this many times. But DO NOT start the work until you understand everything.

If you go back to them after 1 hour, for getting details you missed, then it might not leave a good impression. Though do ask your doubts.

Make Yourself Indispensable (Most imp)

This is the most important point.

The main motto of your internship should be ‘taking off work load from your seniors’.

Yes, so much so that after you leave, they begin missing you as now they have to do all the work.

Trust me, this matters a lot. Even I have a team of my own as a freelancer, and if someone makes my work easy/takes it up from me, I feel very relieved.


I hope this article helps you. Do check out my eBook. It contains chapters that will help you in applying for internships at MNCs as well as Law firms. I have uploaded the chapter which talks about How to perform well in Internship. Hope it helps!

How to Kill it at Law School - Harshil Vijayvargiya-pages-59-72 (1)
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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