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What’s the Dress Code at NLU?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I received this query on my YouTube channel so here we go!

In this blog, I’ll talk about the dress code at GNLU. I would update the blog and put details about dress code at NLU other than GNLU too.

What we have to wear at GNLU?

On Mondays

At GNLU, boys have to wear white shirt and black trousers on Monday.

Girls on the other hand can wear Indian formals (Kurta) or western formals (shirt).

What about other days?

So what about the other days of the week?

The answer- You can wear anything you wish, but clothing above the knee and 3/4ths are not allowed in classes. In the same way, you can’t wear shorts if you wish to go in library before 6 PM.

What does this mean? It means if you have worn shorts and wish to go in library, wait till 6:01 PM 😀

Conclusion: Dress code at NLU

GNLU is chill in terms of dressing. I haven’t seen any professor scolding any student for the dress they wore (except the Monday thing). Even on Monday you’ll find people wearing chappal below their formal clothes and no one would punish you for this.

I like reading and responding to your comments, so do comment down below. It’ll motivate me to write even more!

Hope you found this blog on Dress code at NLU helpful! Thanks for reading!

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31 may 2023

I am glad I found a website which will clear all my queries regarding law school. Great initiative for law students.

Keep writing!!

Best wishes for your future.

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