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Vacation schedule at NLUs?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

For how many months is the college open? When do we get vacations at NLU?

In this blog, I’ll answer these queries!

Odd Semester at NLU

I’ll talk about my university, GNLU.

For a first year student the classes begin in July (in a normal year, unlike the pandemic times). Just one month after joining, the ‘Mid-semester’ exams take place in August and finally in October, ‘End-semester’ exams are taken.

So you have to be in college for 4 months in total and then you’ll get 2 months winter vacation for November-December.

Even Semester at NLU

Unlike the odd semesters, the even semesters (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th) generally have 4.5 months of classes (from January till mid-May) and 1.5 months of vacation.

Why 4.5 months of classes? Because in this semester the Annual Sports event- Justice League and Annual Cultural event- Pentagram take place. I’ll write a detailed blog about Cultural events at GNLU.

What about other NLUs?

Almost all the National Law Universities follow the same schedule except I believe NLS, NLIU and others that have a ‘trimester system’.

What to do in the vacation?


Yes, intern anywhere, I’ll prefer not sitting at home. You don’t have to necessarily intern at a Law firm or a company, just join any NGO, or volunteer at any interesting place such as Isha Foundation & so on. The idea is exposing yourself to the world and doing interesting things in life for personality development.

I didn’t intern anywhere till my 4th sem so I suggest not committing same mistake as me (would write a detailed blog on internship and my suggestions).


This is all from my side. Hope you found this blog on NLU vacation schedule helpful. Do you want me to cover any other topic? Write down below. I like reading and responding to your comments on my YouTube channel and blog!

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