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The Email IDs you needed- Indian law firms internship contact details

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I still remember the 5th sem of my law school. It was the year 2019 and everyone at GNLU was intensively applying for law firm internships. And the worst part was, there was no consolidated data available anywhere on the internet for law firm email IDs.

Now as I have completed my law school journey, I thought why not create a repository of law firm internship email IDs to help the current law students. In this article, I have provided all the email IDs you need.

Just Sending mails won't get you Internships

Do note that just having an email ID would NOT provide you an internship. Your email would not even be seen by law firms if you do NOT write a good cover letter. You also need to have good things to show in your CV such as Research papers, moots, to be considered by them.

My Internship confirmation at one of the Best Law firms in India

In my eBook, I have written a detailed chapter on the topic - '4 Ways to Get Internships'. After following the methods and using the COVER letter template that I used, you will be able to send mail that will assist you in getting good internships.

The chapter is written based on my 5 years of experience. There are 12 other chapters too such as -

  • 4 Ways to Score Good In College Exams - How I went from scoring 50% in Sem 1 to 70% in Sem 4

  • How is it like Working as an In-House Lawyer - Salaries, Type of Work and More

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should do CS with Law

  • Detailed 5-Year Internship Plan - Plan from 1st Sem to 10th Sem

  • 5 Tips for Performing Good in Internship - How I Secured a Job Offer Through My Internship

  • 2 Ways to Get In-house Internships

  • 5 Practical No-nonsense tips on How to Write Research Articles

  • How to Send Mails that Get You Internship Anywhere

  • NLU v. Non-NLU - What Firms Actually Want

  • Do these 5 things to Ace in Moot Court Competitions

  • Why You Should Learn Playing a Musical Instrument - 5 Tips to Live a Memorable College Life

  • And finally, How to Remove the Tag of 'Shy Person' and Become Confident Socially - Story of My Own Experiments

Now let’s get started!

Tier 1s

Name of firm

Email ID

Additional ID


​Khaitan & Co.

The primary ID is 1st one.

Saraf & Partners

S&R Associates,

CC recruitment while sending the application



You should fill the contact form on their website too.

I had received mail from HR Mumbai after filling the form.


Tier 2 & other firms

Conclusion and 1 CHAPTER for You!

Many students ask me - 'How can I get job offer through Internships' 🤔

I have attached a chapter from my eBook titled - '5 Tips to Get Job from Internships'. It is written based on my experience where I personally got job from HZL in my 5th year.

How to Kill it at Law School - Harshil Vijayvargiya-pages-59-72- Internship
Download PDF • 420KB

Hope the free chapter helps!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

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24 mag 2023

Thank You soo much for this.

Mi piace

19 mag 2023

can we have more tier 1 law firms email ids please

Mi piace

Sonal Mittal
Sonal Mittal
23 mar 2023

Thank you so much.

Mi piace

23 mar 2023

Thank you so much. Very informative indeed!!

Mi piace
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