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My First eBook is Finally out!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

After 5 months of continuous hard work, finally, my eBook is published.

But let me tell you a brief story behind it.

✅ The Story

As my YouTube channel grew in 2021, I used to get a lot of DMs from law students who wanted to know about How to get internships at Tier-1 firms, How to perform well in Moot Court competitions, and so on.

It was getting difficult to reply to each DM, so I thought of writing an eBook in March 2022 with detailed answers to all queries, based on my 5 years of experience.

As my job at Hindustan Zinc Limited started a few months later, I was not able to take out time.

And honestly, I was also not confident that I could write a whole eBook.

✅ New Year and New Targets

Cut to January 2023, I was feeling dissatisfied as I could not fulfil my commitment. So I made up my mind to write just 1 page every day. No matter how tired or motivationless I felt, this was my promise to myself.

After coming from the office at 6-7 PM, I wrote 100-200 words every day. And thankfully, on 11th May 2023, I completed writing the whole book - 128 pages! 📖

I still can't believe that I have written 128 pages of original content myself.

✅ How the book will help you

I have written chapters covering every doubt that comes to mind of students. Such as -

  • 4 Ways to Score Good In College Exams - How I Went from scoring 50% in Sem 1 to 70% in Sem 4

  • How is it like Working as an In-House Lawyer - Salaries, Type of Work and More

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should do CS with Law

  • Detailed 5-Year Internship Plan - Plan from 1st Sem to 10th Sem

  • 5 Tips for Performing Good in Internship - How I Secured a Job Offer Through My Internship

  • 2 Secret Ways to Get In-house Internships

  • 5 Practical No-nonsense tips on How to Write Research Articles

  • How to Send Mails that Get You Internship Anywhere

  • NLU v. Non-NLU - What Firms Actually Want

  • Do these 5 things to Ace in Moot Court Competitions

  • Why You Should Learn Playing a Musical Instrument - 5 Tips to Live a Memorable College Life

  • And finally, How to Remove the Tag of 'Shy Person' and Become Confident Socially - Story of My Own Experiments

And many more. Overall there are 13 chapters that will definitely make your law school life a success.

You can either do the mistakes yourselves and learn these things by hit and trial over the course of 2-3 years, or you could spend the next 2 days reading the whole book and learn from my experiences.

Trust me, the language is so easy you'll be able to complete it in 2 days itself.

✅ Where Can I Buy it?

I wanted to launch it on this website itself, but due to some issues, I am uploading it now on So you can check it out by clicking here.

At last, I would say don't think twice before investing in books and anything related to education, health or experiences. They might not give you returns instantly, but over the long run, they will.

I am damn sure, this principle applies to this eBook also. All the best!

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