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In-Out time at NLUs?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I received a query on Instagram asking me ‘Till what time are we allowed to be out of campus’?

So here I’ll talk about the timings at GNLU and till what time you have to be in your hostels!

Night curfew at GNLU

You are expected to be inside campus by 10 PM.

Let’s say you went to a restaurant at 9 PM and returned by 10:15, what would be the consequences? Here, the university would send an Email about your late entry to your parents.

Yes, this is why I suggest NOT giving your parents Email ID while doing the admission formalities. I’ve also written a whole answer on this topic on Quora.

You can go outside after 10 PM, but they would note down your name and all, so its better if you leave before 10.

Can we roam in campus after 10 PM?

While you have to be in NLU campus by 10 PM, you can roam inside campus till 2 AM, after that you are required to be in your hostels, though this is not a strict rule and you can stay out as long as you want.


Overall, GNLU is quite chill in terms of in-out time. Also, Gandhinagar is a safe city and there are many colleges around GNLU, so you can stay out till late night and there would not be any issues.

Now if this blog on campus timings at NLU was helpful, then do share your thoughts below, I like responding to your comments on my YouTube channel & blog.

All the best!


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