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How many classes can you bunk in NLUs?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Till the end of my 1st sem, I wasn’t aware about the policy of NLU concerning leaves. Thankfully a senior told me and saved me from getting a repeat year!

So let’s get to know the number days you can take leaves at NLU!

Total Classes in a semester at NLU

At my college, we are taught 6 subjects in a semester. Each subject spans over 55 lectures and sometimes 4-5 extra classes are also taken.

Now in order to be eligible for taking exam, a student needs to have 70% attendance (38 classes) in each subject. Also if you have such attendance deficit in more than 6 subjects in a year, you would have to repeat the whole year! So make sure you keep a note of the leaves you take!

What happens if less than 70% attendance?

Thankfully there are many ways to overcome the shortfall and here the ‘college committees & clubs‘ come into picture.

If you are part of any committee, each committee can give you 2 to 5 days of ‘exemptions’ from attending classes. So if your shortfall is by 5-10 classes, you can save yourself from getting debarred by approaching the committee head and getting ‘class exemption certificate’ from them. You’ll learn more about it when you join university!


It’s good to keep a check on the number of classes you’re attending. For this purpose many students of NLU install ‘Attendance apps’ on their phones.

Always attend as many classes as you could in the beginning of the semester, so you can take leaves for project preparations and when end-semester exams take place.

Bunking classes at NLU is like a drug, once you get addicted to it, there’s no going back, This is why more than 5-10 students get year back in every batch because of attendance deficit!

That’s all from my side. I hope this blog was helpful!


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