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GNLU Placements- What is the average salary at NLUs?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This is probably the most important question for many CLAT aspirants. In this blog, I’ll share the scenario around GNLU Placements and give a brief idea about average salary at NLUs.

GNLU Placements 2021

At the time of writing this blog, I’m a 5th year student at GNLU. Out of 180 students in my batch 117 have opted for placements and 52 students have already been placed (including me).

Does this mean only 48 people would get job out of the whole batch? NO – We have one more year remaining before graduation (2022) and as per the past trends, around 80-90 students would have a job by the end of 5th year.

What is the average salary at NLU?

Out of 48 students, 44 have been hired by Tier-1 law firms with an average package of 15-16 lakh per annum. Rest of the people, including me have been placed at a MNC where our CTC is 13 LPA.

Now you need to understand, not all law firms or companies pay this much. This figure is only pertaining to Tier-1 law firms that hire ONLY 200-300 students every year from WHOLE of India. But what about Tier 2 & Tier 3 firms? For that I’ve written a detailed article on this website. You can read it here.

Also below I’ve attached a pic detailing the salary a lawyer is paid in the Tier-1 firms as per their experience.

Law firm Salaries

Note- A lawyer is known as associate in law firms. A0 means- 1st year associate with ‘0’ experience, A1 is an associate with ‘1’ yr experience and so on.

Conclusion: Average Salary at NLUs

My goal was to give a brief idea about placements at GNLU in 2021. I’ll write more blogs with genuine information on Placement and average salary at NLUs other than GNLU too.

I’ll also write a blog on How you can get job at Tier-1 firms & my journey of getting placed in a MNC. All I need is good response from your side!

So please comment down below, I like reading and responding to your comments on my YouTube channel and blog! Have a great day!

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10 de abr.

Your bolgs and you tube videos are always so much helpful.

The information given by you are hardly found on other platforms.

Can you give information about pw clat preparation batches?

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