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All about Annual fests at different NLUs!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The intense competition at Indian law schools remains active throughout the year excepts 5-6 days when everyone is busy attending concerts, partying, dancing and chilling.

Almost all NLUs have some sort of annual cultural event where students from other universities could participate too.

In this blog, I’ll tell you about different NLU Cultural fest I know about. So let’s get started!

Annual Cultural Fest at NLUs

  1. Pentagram – GNLU

Let’s start with my own university, GNLU.

In the month of March, our annual cultural fest is organized. The best one till date was Pentagram 2019 which went on for 3 days. On the first day we had many small events such as Counter Strike Gaming competition (my team came 2nd and we won Rs.4000) & freestyle dance.

Counter Strike game

Now for the second day, ‘Divine’ was invited for a concert.

Divine Concert at GNLU

Every student was busy in updating their Insta stories about the event, probably because Gully gang had just released a few months back. You could hear the Gully gang songs from every room of the hostel in those days.

And finally on the third day, Battle of bands & other activities took place. Battle of bands means GNLU invites different semi-professional and student bands to participate and the best band gets a prize of Rs.30,000 or so.

Band performing at GNLU Fest

This was my second and probably last annual fest in GNLU as in the year 2020 & 2021 the COVID induced lockdown messed up all events. Let’s hope we’ll get to attend the 2022 fest. Fingers crossed!

  • NH 65 – NLU Jodhpur

NLU Jodhpur’s fest is known as the WILDEST among all NLUs. So much so that many GNLU students would forego Pentagram to attend NH-65.

Fashion Show at NH-65

While both college spend good amount of money, the ‘Alcohol’ acts as a key differentiator between the two. From what I’ve heard and seen, there are no restrictions on Booze and cigarette during the days fest is organized.

Now comes the sad part, it’s only organized once every two year. So even if this pandemic ends, you can only attend it 3 times in your college life. So make sure you don’t miss the opportunity!

  • Strawberry field – NLS Bangalore

This is not a cultural fest per se, rather a music festival.

Every year many semi-professional and college bands come at NLS to show their talent to 3000+ live audience. None of my friends have attended it, but from what I’ve heard, it is held in high regard by the participants and audience.

Strawberry Fields NLS

Also if you wish to visit NLS once, I suggest going when this fest is organized.

  • Outlawed – NUJS

As the name suggests, this fest is also famous among law students.

You can participate in events such as unique Great Kolkata Race, the Fashion Show, the Group Dance, the Stage Play, the Slam Poetry Competition and the Open Quiz.

This fest is known for its afterparties and exciting experience in the city of Kolkata. Even their sports fest ‘Invicta’ is ‘infamous’ for being pretty wild.

  • MPzero4

NLIU Bhopal organized its fest 1st time in 2019 and it was a success. This made them roll out the 2nd edition just before the pandemic in February 2020.

Anubhav Bassi at NLIU Bhopal

Many students from GNLU went to the college and their reviews were pretty good. The fest was filled with events such as Quizzes, treasure hunts, stand-up comedy, extempore mediation and so on.

In the last edition, internet famous artists such as Karunesh Talwar came, it is expected that future edition would be worth it as well!

  • Colossus

Colossus is an integrated sports, literary and cultural fest of HNLU Raipur. Many NLUs don’t promote or market their fests adequately on social media, so before writing this article I hadn’t heard about most of them, though I knew about this one, thanks to good marketing by HNLU.

They have an active Insta page for this fest, so you can see latest pictures and posts too.


This is all about famous Cultural Fests at NLUs. I’m sure such compiled information isn’t available on the internet.

Now don’t make the same mistake as I did, and attend each one of the fests and others too.

As always, do comment down if the blog was nice. I like reading your comments on my YouTube channel & blog! Have a great day!

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Pooja Pradeep
Pooja Pradeep
Apr 26, 2023

Sir, I am going to attend clat 2024 and i am in 12 th now,Can you guide me and give some suggestion to time management and make a good timetable for a board student to clear clat and where to focus more and how much time needed to study each subject???🤔

plz reply i don't know where to start ???😥

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