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Hi, I'm Harshil.

Currently working as an in-house lawyer for a mining company. 


Through this website I try to share my experience concerning CLAT, and life at Law school.


Hope you find it useful!

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My Story

Our purpose in life is to become the best version of ourselves, and it happens when we take up many challenges.

This is why after getting into one of the top law schools in the country, I started freelancing in my 1st sem.

Thanks to my freelancing stint, I've worked with many clients; learning little bit about money, & about solving problems.

Now I'm working on a venture that'll solve some problems faced by law students & lawyers. Set to launch the initiative in some time.

In 2021, I also started focusing on my YouTube channel and grew the total subscriber base to 10,000+. I intend to reach the 1,00,000+ subscribers mark by the end of this year


I’m active on Insta, LinkedIn and YouTube!

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